Yoga Swing

Yoga Swingexercise system to keep your body fit, release pressure on your spine and organs and eliminate with ease.

We all know how important exercise is for our health. But how hard is it to get motivated and to do something every day to keep your body fit unless it is right in front of you?

This is why this little exercise gadget is perfect. Hang it up in your living room or on the veranda. You don't have to go anywhere and every visitor will want to have a go, getting you motivated to show off your skills. At the same time you can make the exercises as easy or as strenuous as you like. Kids love it!

It is the best thing for your back, making it easy to hang upside down and relief pressure on your spine and internal organs! Regular exercises will help to eliminate with ease.

The Yoga swing also folds away small and easy if you don't want it hanging around. But maybe you just want to use it as a hammock when you don't excercise, as relaxation is another important part for your overall health.

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The Gravotonics Exercise System

The Gravotonics Yoga Swing

This is the most complete restorative, strength building exercise program to date. By mastering your own specific gravity you are able to build Core Power and perfect balance between each side of the bodies structure. When both halves of the bodies muscle tissues are working properly you will come to have SUPER HUMAN STRENGTH !!

The next level of your exercise regime is now to take it to the sky. By taking any resistance exercise to the air the Gravotonics System is working for you to strengthen, fortify and create invincible strength and bone structure.

Some suggested exercises and inversions

The Yoga Swing is really unlimited in its use. You can easily discover your own positions and exercises. Below you'll find a tiny sample of suggestions.

Yoga swing exercise - split Yoga swing exercise - stretch
Yoga swing exercise - split Yoga swing exercise - fly

Installation of your yoga swing and hammock

Your swing is relatively simple to install. You will need:

  1. Tape measure
  2. Additional strong ceiling rope
  3. A ladder or chair
  4. You may need ceiling hooks if no beam or place to tie a rope exists. (An 8mm thick or ¼” thick steel hook of 8cm or 3” long wood screw tip). Hooks are available at local building supply stores.

The rope included with your swing is for part of the adjustment system. You will need additional strong rope to mount around your home beam, 5-6 meters should be enough.

Firstly, select a safe spot where there is at least 60cm (2 feet) of space in all directions. This is the minimal amount (one meter or more space is ideal).

The beam must be sturdy and not termited by bugs. Test the strength of the beam if necessary by putting 2 people in the swing and testing.

Outside or under the porch or roof is an ideal location for the Swing. In the living room or bedroom is good too. Places where others can enjoy.

Yoga swing instructions #1

Place a rag over the beam where the rope drops over and down to the floor. Over time the rope could become worn causing failure without this cloth.

Tie a strong knot in the rope when the looped end becomes level and measures 260cm or 8 feet from the floor to rope loop. See figure 1.

Yoga swing instructions #2

Figure 2: Wrap knotted adjustment rope around loop as shown.

Figure 3: There are 4 adjustable positions you may clip the Swing handles. The handles are best on the top knot where the lowest handle becomes a foot stirrup for sky walking and skier exercises. You may enjoy experimenting yourself.

Yoga swing instructions #3

As for the Swing, the ideal heights are the middle and other 2 lower knotted positions. The lowest position is nice for floor work, for example stretching the lumbar area or doing inverted shoulder stands. (Refer to the CD for photos and exercise video clips.)

Yoga swing instructions #4

Figure 4: The Swing saddle hanging free should be just above the crease of butt level or 15cm or 4” below the crest of your hip. When inverting your head should be free of the floor. Adjust knots either up or down to the correct height. Try one test inversion to see that there is at least 10cm space between your head and floor.

Material: Our Swings are made of the most expensive, highest quality nylon (parachute) fabric made. It is the same as that used by airborne sky divers. The material is comfortable enough against the skin and it breathes too, so you will never have that sweaty feeling. The nylon fabric won’t mildew, is washer friendly and will last for 5 to 10 years with normal use. We have seen this material still in daily use 6 to 8 years after purchase.

Handles: Made of black durable sponge foam like bicycle handle bar foam. Gives a non-slip grip.

Adjusters: A nice feature, these slide up or down and can be cinched around the feet to keep them locked around them during movement.

Hook: 5mm Sterling Stainless Steel Hooks. Super strong. Will hold a Baby Elephant! Will never rust.

Adjustable height: Our system is simple and quick to adjust from one level to another. The Swing can be used by itself or the handles can be used with the Swing or the Swing can be removed and the handles used by themselves also. The 6mm nylon rope is 120cm long (2 included) has four levels of adjustment and can be custom fine tuned by yourself by moving the knots up or down.